woman shouting

Talk to Me and I’ll Tell You Who You Are

Have you ever trained to improve your voice?

If you are new you can find out why it is important to improve your voice and diction on this page. You should already know that the voice is essential for your well-being in both your private and working life.

Your voice tells everyone immediately who you are.

As a result of studies, now we only need to listen to a person’s voice for a few seconds and in broad terms we are already able to say even some features of the speaker’s face and build and guess some sides of his character. This, in many cases, is due to various studies in different specialist fields and numerous tests done to create categories of analysis…

However, any person can do such a thing (even if not as detailed).

You too, try to think about it, if you listen to or see someone for the first time you already get an idea of ​​him or her, and many times it is the right one! True?

Well, this is to say that:

The voice represents us. Therefore by improving our voice, learning to modulate it and use it for the powerful instrument that it is, we can be perceived in a different way: more professional, authoritative, pleasant, seductive, fascinating …

If your character habits show up in your voice…the reverse is also true! By changing the way you use your voice, you change your character habits.

Voice Improvement

Voice improvement is therefore also a driving force for a personal improvement path. By improving your voice you will be able to better understand and govern your emotions to achieve a happier life.

Having reached this awareness, let’s see 5 tips for exercising your voice daily and improving the perception that others may have of you.

5 Tips for Exercising Your Voice

  1. While traveling by car: practice the 7 phonetic vowels, vocalize, do articulatory reading by improvising words.
  2. Several times during the day make sure you use diaphragmatic breathing
  3. Talk with as many people as possible, always trying to use your most beautiful voice, without inflections and with perfect diction
  4. Eliminate the apathetic voice from your life when you talk to others
  5. Do exercises in front of the mirror by opening and closing your mouth as much as possible, it will help you with your joint.