middle aged man in a suit making a speech into a microphone

Public speaking can be daunting for those with low self-esteem. Arming yourself with tools to create a stronger vocabulary will increase confidence and decrease fear of public speaking.

Vocabulary Builder provides free daily word quizzes and lessons to expand your language skills, helping you use more versatile words onstage. Plus, with it being such an easy and fun way of making speeches more effective!

PromptSmart Pro

PromptSmart Pro is an easy and feature-rich teleprompter app that will assist in delivering speeches with confidence. The features include changing the size and format of text, mirroring left to right and speed of scrolling – giving you full control of how the presentation flows.

Promptsmart Pro features an intelligent voice control feature that automatically scrolls text based on your pace, while its VoiceTrack speech recognition technology adapts to ad-libs or changes in your voice.

No matter if you are a teacher, clergy member, politician, podcaster, audiobook creator, YouTuber or business professional – this app will help make delivering speeches more professional as well as stay on message during live speaking events.


PitchPal is an app designed to assist business people, college students and anyone who regularly communicates with friends and family in giving clear and effective speeches. Record your speech and receive real-time analysis on its performance so you can improve before giving presentations.

It offers tips to enhance your speaking style, such as speaking more slowly or annunciating more clearly. In addition, this app helps avoid filler words like “um” and “ah,” which could distract your audience.

Ummo is an effective speech coach that detects filler words such as “um” and “ah,” alerting users when they use them in speeches. Additionally, it can integrate with hardware like Apple Watch for real-time feedback throughout your day.


Five Harvard Business School students have developed the Ummo app, which tracks speech. This tool can help identify what to say when nervous and how to enhance speaking abilities.

Monitors your usage of filler words, pace, volume and clarity with easy-to-read graphs so you can clearly identify areas in which improvement should occur.

The app is tailored towards teens and tweens, but anyone giving a speech may benefit. It includes practice exercises, tips, and coaching.

Vocabulary Builder

Vocabulary Builder can help newcomers to public speaking combat their fear and build their skills with useful yet versatile words that provide a foundation.

This app is user-friendly, offering many features designed to strengthen your language abilities and help improve them. It was specifically created to assist with learning new words as well as preparation for tests like GRE, SAT or TOEFL exams.

Vocabulary Builder takes learning a language even further by providing interactive quizzes and games – making the experience much more engaging! This makes studying new words fun!


Speakometer is an efficient but straightforward app designed for English learners looking to improve their pronunciation. Free and built on speech recognition and machine learning technologies, Speakometer helps English students sharpen their diction and accent without breaking the bank!

Pronunciation is integral to engaging English dialogues fluently. This app offers numerous lessons that will enable you to master clear English speaking.

Speakometer provides an effective tool for honing presentation tempo, an essential yet difficult skill. It offers various tempo beats for practice alongside a timer to assist your efforts.