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Start your biofeedback therapy for articulation now. Get WaveSurfer!

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Easy-To-Follow Tutorials

Follow simple and quick tutorials to learn how to use WaveSurfer for remediating /r/.

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Get activity ideas, worksheets, and examples of spectrograms to use with WaveSurfer in your clinic. Easy for you! Fun for your clients!

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Print ready-to-use forms to track your clients' progress from session to session as they use spectrograms to improve their speech.

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Have Fun!

Download engaging worksheets for your younger students to help them learn about spectrograms and speech.

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Learn about the history of spectrograms and the theory behind using spectrograms for treating articulation.

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See Examples

Visit the Spectrogram Bank to see examples of spectrograms for common /r/ targets.

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Learn about how WaveSurfer was chosen as the best software tool for everyday clinicians to use for articulation therapy.

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Articulation Therapy with Spectrograms has never been easier.

Get WaveSurfer on your computer. Follow this tutorial to learn how to download and install the WaveSurfer software program (free of charge!) on your PC or Mac computer.
Set up WaveSurfer to show a basic spectrogram. Follow these simple tutorials to learn how to modify WaveSurfer’s settings so that the best spectrogram is displayed for speech.
Start treatment. Get activity ideas, instructional tips, worksheets, data collection sheets, and more to use with WaveSurfer for articulation therapy.

Note: Throughout this website, the American /r/ will not be delineated with the IPA symbol (upside-down /r/) due to limitations of the webpage code. Readers should assume that /r/ refers to the American /r/, as in “run” and “arrow,” and NOT to the trill in Spanish phonology.